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In this unusual album that was recorded “En Vivo”, Michael Fleiner, director, pianist and composer of all the works of the Septeto International, refers to two songs that were written in a 7-beat tempo: “Somos siete” “¡Cómo me gusta el siete!” “.

“¡Cómo me gusta el siete!” Is the 7/4 song most recent among his compositions. It refers to his exploration with numbers and also to a very particular taste for the number 7, as his date of birth is February 7, 1970, 7 is a prime number, and Septeto balance with seven musicians: 3 Winds and 4 in the rhythm section. It is the perfect number to interpret his works. From there came the title “Somos siete”: seven musicians and seven beats per bar.

The 7-beat bars are a peculiarity that are technically called “Amalgamas”. We can also hear another different amalgamation in the song “¿Y cómo sería con cinco?”. It is these experiments that make the sound of this group interesting, made up of musicians of very high trajectory and experience, who also have fun obtaining these special musical works, because in the sauce it is very common to find metrics of 4/4 for example, but the Compositions of the Septeto Internacional, are not recurrent. It is a European group with a very Latin sound, very easy to enjoy, because they rescue the Cuban sound of yesteryear and integrate fusions and amalgams of the current music, passing through the freedom of jazz.

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